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Mortarr in the Classroom, powered by Durasein

Mortarr in the Classroom, powered by Durasein

When you’re a brand built on helping creativity flow, supporting the next generation of architects, designers, and makers is practically written into your DNA. In our case, it actually was. So when provided the opportunity to become the primary sponsor of Mortarr’s third year of ‘Mortarr in the Classroom’, the Durasein crew naturally jumped feet-first into supporting this exciting initiative!

Building long-standing trust within any market isn’t achieved through trade shows and free tote bags, we understand that. It’s achieved through showing up, living your mission, and investing in the future without expectation. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Mortarr, to build a more creative tomorrow for us all.

Meet Mortarr’s 2021-2022 student ambassadors!

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