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Made for makers

Dreamers, artists, fabricators, experimenters: you’re our kind of people. You bring the imagination, and we’ll give you anything and everything you need to make the impossible possible. The future is in your hands. Show us what it looks like.

Preferred by millworkers

Want to color outside the lines? Durasein lets you put your full talents to use. Our solid surface material is easy to cut, shape, and marry with other materials. Create looks you’ve only imagined using techniques you already know. From large scale installations to prototypes and roll-outs, the sky’s the limit.

Equipped for distributors

With Durasein, you get more than high quality products. You get a solid brand partner that you can lean on. We work hard to cultivate demand, enticing customers with new looks, sample kits, and product inspiration that’s built a loyal following. It’s not just top of mind. It’s geared to be a top performer for you.

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