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Sliding into Creativity with Durasein Solid Surface

Sliding into Creativity with Durasein Solid Surface

This Durasein solid surface slide is what design dreams are made of and one of our favorite collaborations ever! Handcrafted by Mr. Post Frame himself, Paul Marshall has secured the title of “World’s Best Dad” by using our material to bring a little extra magic into his kids’ lives and home.

When the Marshalls made the decision to tackle a self-built barndominium, a slide that ran along the stairs from the second floor was at the top of their priority list. There was just one problem, they could never decide on what material to make the slide out of.

Three years later, construction was nearing completion, and choices needed to be made.

Fatefully, a helpful follower reached out, sharing a post from our Instagram. It depicted a design very similar to their own. Paul’s better half, Emily, quickly connected with our team to learn more about the material and it was not long before an amazing partnership formed!

Our surfaces’ ability to be thermoformed and seamlessly installed provided a perfect complement to the precise curves required to fit their space. Not to mention, a totally smooth ride from floor to floor!

Watch how the Marshall family’s fabrication fantasy turns reality on their Youtube channel. Paul takes a deep dive into his creative process, showing all the reasons why you should choose solid surface for your next innovative project.

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